Sunday, January 8, 2012

Basic Slippers for the Family: January 4th to 8th.

I made one pair—I suppose I can in some ways be seen as a family of one. I don't feel I belong to a traditional family, a concept I am not sure I really understand as nobody else seems to either, except for people who do. To extend my family and seeing as I have plenty of wool left over, I could make a foursome for Lolli,

(not her most flattering photo ('coz it makes her bottom look HUGE and she would kill me if she knew I had posted it)), a pair for B——, my bestie and housemate of so many years that we are literally 'like an old married couple', and a pair for V——, who could possibly provide me with the socially acceptable appearance of a family, but who I love all the more for putting up with not travelling that particular path (works better doesn't it Babe?).

I finished the knitting part in the allotted time and have even has some time to continue work on outstanding project(s). The wool was Moda Vera Shiver, a soft feeling acrylic in a stoney grey. The size of this particular pair is 7 (like me). I haven't as yet embellished the pattern-version but have plans and, now after two op-shop forays, have also the materials to finish them off a-la-mode-de-List Addict. Turns out that the project is a little bit of a logistical (whisper) nightmare! The wool planning, the needle buying, the embellishing ideas and materials. I am becoming project-obsessed. I love it! ho thought I could think up more reasons to go op shopping. Today we went to Savers. It was, frankly, quite odd to shop for fabric and colour instead of actual items to wear. I could go into the places where all the little people normally shop—they have lovely patterns.

Here are the slippers as per the pattern; stay tuned for the coming-soon, embellished ones:

Thanks go, this week to B——, who donated three woolen jumpers to the cause, and who says she will also do the unraveling of those items. I am truly blessed.

For the largest shock of all ... I can hardly even bring myself to say it. Eek! In the interests of further extending the exposure of this blog to the masses I am seriously (oh, my goodness), seriously,considering joining ... oh Lord, Facebook! I said it. Now, all that remains is to see if I can actually do it. I tell myself it will just be a tool to bring people here.But I told myself that an i-Pad was a way to have a computer and a kindle at a much better hiking weight and now look who is addicted to Angry Birds.

I leave you with what Osho has been thinking about this week.
As breath turns from down to up and again as breath curves from up to down—through both these turns, realize ... realize the turns and you will realize the self ... In that [turn] you simply are: you are simply an existence—pure, simple, unembodied, with no mind ... In that moment you can easily become aware of who you are.
            Book of Secrets, pg. 36-7.

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