Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cell Phone and iPod Pouches: January 13th to 15th .

The Eighties are staying right where they are, was what I always said, but I knitted them back into my life over the last couple of days. The wool is Moda Vera's Tracey which is an odd mathematical formula worth of wool, acrylic, polyester, nylon and lurex (see, 80's written all over that ingredients list). The pouch took all of thirteen minutes to make—after I spent two hours trying to find the end of the skein. I have the final flourishes to add (lining, once I buy it; caribiner, once I buy it), but the little sucker has kind of grown on me. As I normally have to find all sorts of odd places to put my iPod while walking to and from the Blue bikes, it would be good to have something to put it into—even if that something looks like it came straight from the 'Let's get physical' film clip.

I'm getting married.

Did your breath catch? (Possibly only if you know me and my theories of relationships.) For us mere mortals that pause in the breath, most often, comes only when something completely unexpected happens. I am joking about the marriage, but if you think about that pause, and next time it happens, be aware of it—bam! Transcendence. When something so unexpected happens your breath stops and your mind stops, and with it the endless inner chatter which, Osho tells us, keeps us from understanding our higher self, that keeps us grounded in our material and cognitive self, our 'small self'. And speaking of 'small' in the seeming attainment of 'big': All this enlightenment mumbo-jumbo seems a little hard to get (physically and mentally), but the good news apparently is that there is nothing to get—it's already got! The divine You already exists, it is just hidden deep down inside the corporeal You. You just have to find it, and the easiest way to do that is through the simplest means and the smallest things—the gaps and the pauses in every breath you take.

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