Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cardigan for Tiny Teddy: January 9th to 12th.

I am not sure if anyone in the universe owns a tiny teddy this tiny or whether I was having some sort of a tension issue. This is the worlds smallest cardigan. Just so you can see its smallness, I have arranged for this crime scene shoot. Teddy earned his varsity letter, from Teddy University, Port Melbourne Campus, in maths. He particularly likes simultaneous equations but won't remind me how to do them (I need to know to solve a puzzle in a book I have, and I can't do any more puzzles because I am anal and have to do this one before I can carry on (otherwise it messes up my figures (how many right, how many wrong))).

Someone told me this week that I waffle on—very upsetting—but I blame punctuation; semi-colons, em dashes and double/triple/quadruple bracketing opportunities allow for diversion and don't keep me on track. Other diversions from the knitting project this week have included gold class tickets to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. American version. I did enjoy it and much preferred seeing Daniel Craig's naked bottom, but I think the portrayal of Lisbeth is better in the Swedish movie (the American one, I believe, takes away her power).

I think that I should have not been shy and should have done my knitting in Gold Class while I was watching—it works at home.

I made one of my passwords something to do with knitting this week—and spelled it wrong. Anyone want to play scrabble with me this week?

Knitting is meditative. So I have been thinking about this Osho thing. I am not sure I really buy 'transcendence'. I wanted the short version of why one would do these one hundred and twelve meditations, and so I asked V—— for the answer. He told me that it is so that we can realise that we are all one—a wave on the ocean is not separate from the ocean. He also told me that it means not coming back and having to do this all again. Okay, so I have two issues with those theories. One: I don't know if I really want to be one with all the people that I talk to (over the phone), even though I do understand that an acceptance of them may work better for me in the long run (where clashing doesn't). And, two: I won't know if I do or don't come back in the next life so why does it matter. All in all though, knitting certainly is giving me room for thinking. This weeks technique (and I'm paraphrasing from now on) is all about breathing again—to 'watch the fusion point of two breaths'. This is similar to the first meditation in that it speaks about the gap between the in and out breaths, but it is more about place. 'Civilization, education and morality' Osho says, have caused us to breath shallowly and in our chests; if we breath deeply instead, like children, into our abdomens, then that point of change in breaths touches our 'center' and in this way we know where our center is. It seems an egg and a chicken thing where not touching our center means we are not total (total in all our emotions, anger, love, whatever, and so completely open and completely vulnerable) and so we are in control. We don't want to do this because we are afraid—afraid to be so vulnerable and afraid because society doesn't allow for the way of life such vulnerability allows. If we can become aware of the breaths' fusion, we become aware of our center and access the cosmic energy. Simple. It's the path to enlightenment.

Teddy's cardigan is Bella Baby 'Sugar' pure wool in a creamy colour with pink, lilac and hot pink splotches. Teddy has no issues wearing pink.

This item is available for buying, bartering or if you can just convince me undoubtedly that you need to have it.

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